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CFC-Singles For Christ Queensrow
Sector News: CLP Postponed 'Til June
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"At least we'll have three months to plan ahead" - Sis. Jenny 

The CLP will be pushin' through alright.  Only in June.  Yesterday's Service Team Prayer Meeting was awash with bright ideas as they had three months to prepare for it. 
This was in light of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Paul de Leon's firm decision to be consistent to his call to all religious formators to do their programs within the church's four walls.
The Service Team's alternatives were:
  1. To wait for the Couples For Christ to finish their CLP on May 5;
  2. To hold the CLP on September;
  3. To hold the CLP on Saturday evenings or;
  4. To hold the CLP on June.

The latter alternative was chosen because if the CLP were to begin immediately after Couples For Christ's CLP, conflicts regarding scheduling may arise with the upcoming fiesta come third Sunday of May.

All team members were given an assignment on how to patch up the holes in last year's CLP.

- reported by Bro. Jun Escuyos