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VATICAN CITY, APR 11, 2002 (VIS) - John Paul II received today the
participants in the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Social
Sciences who are reflecting on the subjects of democracy and globalization,
as well as solidarity among the generations.

"The growing interdependence among people, families, companies and
nations, as well as economies and markets - what we call globalization -
has overturned the system of interaction and public relations." This has
had positive consequences, but also has caused inequalities among economies
and peoples in such a way that we must reconsider the question of solidarity."

The Pope said that "it is up to the political and economic leaders to do
everything possible so that globalization does not work against those who
have fewer resources or are weaker, increasing even more the gap between
rich and poor, between rich and poor nations." He invited leaders to create
systems of solidarity that "take into consideration the changes caused by
globalization and that prevent these phenomena from impoverishing important
sectors of some groups of people, and sometimes entire nations."

"Social solidarity," he continued, "means to depart from the simple
search for particular interests. ... We must educate the younger
generations in a spirit of solidarity and a true culture of openness to the
universal and attention toward all peoples, regardless of race, culture or

The Holy Father emphasized that politicians must "regulate the markets,
subject the laws of the markets to the laws of solidarity, in order to
prevent imbalances in peoples and society caused by all kinds of economic
changes, and protect these laws from upheaval as a result of the
deregulation of markets."

He concluded by saying: "May the humanity of today, on its way to greater
unity, solidarity and peace, transmit to future generations the goods of
creation and hopes for a better future!"

Courtesy of: Vatican Information Service/Catholic Information Network