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The Impossible Becomes Possible
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Youth Teaching

The Impossible Becomes Possible!

I received a gift one day from a good friend. Her name is not important, but the gift was rather a strange one. She sent me a hand drawn picture of our Lady looking upon her baby Jesus. Mind you, she was Protestant, so the gift threw me for a loop. However, I could not help but stare at the image, because it showed the deep relationship between Mary and her son Jesus. Mary looks with her gentle eyes upon her sweet son, as Jesus stares in complete joy at his beloved Mother. They both concentrate on each other, showing the viewer the natural and supernatural union between Mother and Son.

Although, this may be a reality for Catholic Christians, it is not so with our brothers and sisters in different denominations. They would not agree fully to this mysterious union. For them it is impossible. They would not find it strange for God to come through a woman, but for her to be His Mother? It is absolutely impossible. But for the Catholic Church, there are no impossibilities!

Impossibilities become realities! Today, many Christian denominations say Mary couldn't have given birth to the Son of God, rather, she gave birth to Jesus' flesh. Others would argue that Mary's womb was chosen solely for the birth of Christ, as though she was a vessel to be used and then thrown to the side. But I put forth this question for Catholics and Protestant Christians to reflect on. If we as Christians believe Jesus to be both God and Man, as St. Athanasius spoke of Jesus "God from God, light from light, true God from true God (Nicene Creed)," then how can we deny the reality of God choosing Mary to be Mother of His Son, who is God Incarnate. Even the notorious Anti-Catholic, Tony Alamo makes foolish remarks to this reality, titling his work "God has no Mother." This and many other Anti-Catholic writings on the Motherhood of Mary have caused many to look at Mary as only a person like you and me, rather then a chosen vessel of holiness.

Can Protestants like Tony Alamo, be right? Are they paying close attention to the Word of God? Let us see what the Sacred Scriptures tell us of the Impossible becoming the Possible:

In the book of Genesis, God visited Abraham and Sarah. The three Angels brought the message to Abraham that his wife will be with child (Genesis 18:9-15). Sarah laughed because both of them were very old. But the Angel of the Lord spoke for God saying, "Is there anything that is impossible with God?" Later the Angel's word came true as she named her son, Isaac, which is the abbreviated form of 'Yishaq-el', "God Smiles." The etymology of this abbreviated name is 'Sahaq', which means "to laugh or play." She laughed because she doubted the word of the Lord. Later Sarah realized the truth in the message. Her doubt became joy, because she received the gift of motherhood.

How about Elizabeth, who was barren as well? Was it not an angel who visited Zechariah, while he was preparing to burn incense in the sanctuary of the Lord? The Angel announced to him the good news of Elizabeth's pregnancy. He did not believe it, and so the angel silenced him until the day came when John was born (Luke 1: 5-23; 1:57-62). The name John, in Hebrew, means "God has bestowed favor upon you." It was this favor that Elizabeth received in her old age, the grace to be a mother.

Now the same angel who visited Zechariah came to visit Mary, to announce the coming of God through her very being. Mary did not doubt, but she was confused, wondering what it truly meant. The angel comforts her with the words: "Do not fear, Mary, for God has looked kindly on you." The Angel's name was Gabriel, which meant in the Hebrew, "God is Strong," a name that truly speaks for itself. God conquers all fear! He told her that "The Holy Spirit" will overshadow her, therefore her child will be called Son of God. The Angel ends by confirming the pregnancy of Elizabeth to prove God's grace is abounding. If the reader looks carefully, the Angel says, "With God nothing is impossible." With this, she submits to the will of the Lord, saying, "Let it be done to me according to your word (Luke 1:26-38)."

Are we to be doubting Thomases like our Protestant Brothers and Sisters? I think not! For we as Catholics truly believe in what Sacred Scripture says. Protestants would tell us we do not follow the Bible! How can this be when we as Catholics know what God is doing in the Sacred Scriptures?

We trust in the words of the Angel, "With God nothing is impossible." Should we doubt the Angel who was sent by God? If we do then where is our trust in the Almighty Power of God?

There are several things I noticed in the Sacred Scriptures and these are my personal thoughts. That the words the Angel said to Sarah are the same words said to Mary. I believe that God is showing us that the Promise is being fulfilled in Abraham, and it is magnified through the Final Promise of our Salvation in Mary's submission to God. I get so excited looking at the words of Mary in the Magnificat as she mentions the Promise that God made to Abraham through Isaac. I wonder if she truly knew the Promise was to be fulfilled in her, because she reflects on the very Ancient History of her people. Jesus is being held up as a direct descendant of Isaac and Abraham (Luke 1:55 and Luke 3:34). The fact that the Sacred Scripture shows an Angel proclaiming the same message as that in the Gospel, leads me to wonder if that was actually St. Gabriel who was sent by God to prove the plan of Salvation.

Could I be wrong? Check the verses yourself and see how the mystery unfolds through Mary. So if our Protestant Brothers and Sisters still believe that Mary gave birth to Jesus' body or that God used Mary temporarily for Jesus to come into the world, then they missed out on one concrete point in Scripture. The Angel's word coming directly from God Himself. The Angel is a messenger of God, and only speaks when God so wills him to speak. The word Angel means "Messenger" in the Greek language. An example of this can be seen in the book of Exodus 3:2-15, when Moses received the name of God through an Angel. He went immediately to set His people free, proclaiming the name of God, "I AM, WHO AM." In the same way, Mary received the same name beyond all names. Proof of this is the Angel's word to Joseph, who would be the Husband of Mary, that the name of the child would be "Jesus" (Matthew 1:21). If you know the name of Jesus, it comes from the Hebrew word 'Yeshua', from which we get the word Joshua. The word 'Yeshua' comes directly from the word 'Yehoshua', which means 'Yahweh Saves'. The very name Moses received on the mountain, Mary received in her womb. Mary becomes the mountain, by which the Lord's name is proclaimed (Matthew 5:14-16). She also becomes the fiery bush that shines light to the world! She becomes Magnificent. Not by her own will but by the will of God (Luke 1:46-55).

We also see in Scripture that Mary went to aid Elizabeth in the birth of John. Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, as she entered the house. Elizabeth shouted with joy upon hearing the greeting, because the baby leapt in her womb. It was the Holy Spirit who entered into Elizabeth, as she cried out, "You are most blessed among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb! How is it that the mother of my Lord comes to me (Luke 1:42-43)?"

The Truth is said through the lips of Elizabeth, "My Lord", and at the same time, as she praises Mary for believing in the "Lord's Word." This same Spirit moved Peter's heart to believe and proclaim Jesus as "Son of the Living God (Matthew 16:13-17)." Jesus Himself confirms this to be from His Father, the same Lord to whom Elizabeth gave praise.

When Tony Alamo and many Protestants deny what the Holy Spirit proclaimed and Jesus confirmed they are in conflict with their belief that the Bible is the only authority to truth. They not only opened the door to their error in holding this belief, but they slammed it shut and threw the key under the door. We only pray that Jesus will open the door to their confusion and set them free to the Light of Truth.

Lastly, would God treat His Bride the Church like a toy created for one purpose and then dispose of her when she completes her work on earth? I think not, and many Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, would agree. So if He would not abandon His Bride the Church, then why would He abandon Mary? The Church is an exact Image of Mary. The Church carries Jesus, so did Mary (For 40 weeks I might say). The Church gives Jesus to the world, so did Mary. To imagine God treating Mary like an object rather than a person would lead believers to see God as a careless Husband, like husbands who treat their wives without respect. We, both Catholic and Protestant Christians, believe that God's plan is to make a Kingdom of Family. How can you have a family if the Husband is not being a good father, or the Wife a good mother? The family would fall apart. But reflect with me on this point in Scripture. The Holy Spirit proclaimed the truth of Mary's Motherhood through Elizabeth. Mary, filled with joy and gladness, praises her Husband, the third Person of the Trinity, in total love and adoration. At the same time, the Holy Spirit holds Mary in glory and praises her as His most beloved Bride. God is definitely in love with His creation and He's not embarrassed (like some men would be) to say, "this is my wife, the Mother of my Beloved Son." Tell me what man or woman should not give such praise -- a human praise of love and commitment to each other. If men want to be good husbands and love the Lord, look to the Holy Spirit as the supreme example. If women want to be great wives, look to Mary, she is the perfect Wife and Mother. This truly is the image of personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, unthinkable to the human mind, but possible with God!

I would like to dedicate this article to my own mother, who gave me life. During my studies on the subject of Mary's Motherhood, I asked my Mom about my birth. While she was ironing she told me that the doctor spoke with her about not having another child. She had suffered a miscarriage and had David (my brother). To have another child would bring complications to her body and to the child. She did not listen to the doctor, but placed all her trust on the Lord. That's how I came into the world, through a wonderful, hopeful, and gentle mother. I reflect on my name, which is John, and wonder why my Mom gave me this name. Truly God has bestowed favor on my Mother for trusting the Lord as He blessed Elizabeth too. To give birth to a child is truly a gift of the vocation of Motherhood. When I look at Mary in a picture I was given, and reflect on the Magnificat, I see Mary's praise to her Lord for this Grace to be Mother of God. It is her Motherhood that magnifies True Grace, which is Jesus Christ. This for me is Possibility!

Juan "Johnny" Rodriguez