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CFC-Singles For Christ Queensrow
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CFC's Stand on Church Issues


We believe that God has a plan for us to live meaningful, happy and productive lives at this stage of our human existence. Given the formidable obstacles that we face, we need a renewed relationship with God and the power of the Holy Spirit to live a new life.

We need a support environment where God's plan is revealed to us and where we can draw strength from other single men and women who are committed to love and support us.

We need a group where our energy and talents can be developed and put to good use to serve God and His people. We need a place where we can be formed to prepare us for the next stage of our lives, to marry or to live a single life in total dedication to the Lord.

We therefore commit to the work of personal renewal and evangelization in our milieu as part of the larger work of the COUPLES FOR CHRIST Family and in line with its global mission of "Renewing The Face of the Earth."


The following embodies the beliefs and ideals of the CFC SINGLES FOR CHRIST as a ministry, from which flow the Christian attitudes, values and behavior, as well as its programs, teachings and approaches to Christian renewal.

A. We BELIEVE that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we safeguard its sanctity by being pure in thoughts, in words and in deeds.

B. We BELIEVE that God gave us gifts and talents with which we can serve and glorify Him and allow us to live fruitful lives. We believe in the proper stewardship of these gifts by striving to succeed in our chosen work or profession without sacrificing our Christian values and ethics.

C. We BELIEVE in the indissolubility of Christian marriage and the importance of family life in the plan of God, in the sanctity of human life and the right of the unborn child.

D. We BELIEVE that we are called to live out our faith fully and share actively in the life and mission in our church - through prayers, evangelization and service to others.

E. We BELIEVE in living productive lives as citizens of our country, obeying its laws and respecting its institutions. We believe that we have a duty to the future generations in protecting our natural environment and in combating the proliferation of evil in our social environment.

F. We BELIEVE that individual and corporate renewal can best be achieved by having a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by calling upon the power of the Holy Spirit in our day-to-day life and by making full use of all charismatic gifts at our disposal.